JULY 9, 2023

The Portland 12 Bridges Swim

The 12 Bridges Ultramarathon Distance Swim is an 11 mile swim started in 2011 by a local Portlandian to highlight the improved water quality of the Willamette River; it has morphed into a Championship USMS Swimming event limited to 100 swimmers and their support kayakers. With the help of two amazing athletes (Sara and Heather), I completed this swim in 2023 despite medical challenges.

FEBRUARY 2-4, 2024

24 Hour Relay

I am participating in a 24-hour relay at the Aquatic Park in San Francisco along with team Mermaid Mayhem. We will be in the water from Saturday morning to Sunday morning at temperatures hovering around 50° Fahrenheit. Teammates that are not swimming will be camping nearby and using the facilities at the Dolphin Club. I am not wearing a wetsuit, and I’m heating up with a parka, a pair of boots, and a stocking cap. Why? It will help me acclimatize; bring on the cold water of the wintertime San Francisco ocean for 24 hours in the dark! The swim is organized by Suzie Dods and I am participating on my Coach Sidney’s team.

March 9, 2024

Around Coronado

If “Around Coronado Swim” conditions align, I will be able to use this swim as my official 6 hour open water swim at the temperature of 60°or below that is required by the English Channel Swimming Association. I have enlisted the support of Swimming Hall of Fame’s Dan Simonelli and Coach Sidney Russell to lead me on a swim from Glorietta Bay, around North Island Naval Base, and into the open ocean. The swim ends in Coronado.  I must stay in the water for the full six hours, so if I complete the swim early, I will need to do laps before I touch land. For more information check out this link.

June 26 – July 3, 2024

Swim the English Channel

Captain Webb was the first known person to swim the English Channel. When I was a little girl, I learned about a famous San Diegan, Florence Chadwick, that swam the English Channel in both directions and was declared Queen of the Channel! I saw her in real life at the Old Globe theater in Balboa Park in the early nineties.  For more information, follow the link to the Channel Swimming Association here. My week window is June 26 – July 3rd. It is impossible to predict the weather, but I will be ready to go and stay near Dover Harbor in Folkestone. I’m being piloted by Andy & James King’s boat The Louise Jane II. Here’s a link to some of the 2023 highlights: Louise Jane Charters Best Of 2023 I am doing an unassisted swim following the CSA rules. I predict it will take me 14 to 16 hours. There will be a live link and tracking during the event. It’s going to be a lot of long, lonely hours in the water with me contemplating my life choices and having deep conversations with my Creator.